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Between 1500 and 1900, tens of millions of Africans survived the Middle Passage and slavery to give birth to a new creole people living today all over the Atlantic New World.
These are the People of the 
Modern African Diaspora.
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MADE documents and celebrates these survivors, their descendants, their diverse cultures, and their unique and ongoing Black World history and continuing impact in the world.

What is the Modern African Diaspora?




The Bahamas (85%)

Barbados (90%)

Bermuda (61%)

Cape Verde (21-78%)

The Atlantic

Central America

Belize (31%)
Canada (3%)
Mexico (1%)
Nicaragua (9%)
Panama (14%)
The United States (12%)

South America

Brazil (8-29%)

Colombia (10%)

Ecuador (5%)

Guyana (36%) 

French Guiana (66%) 

Peru (3%)

Suriname (37%)

 Venezuela (3%)


The 220th anniversary of the first Black Republic in the World

Beginning January 1, 2023 and continuing to January 2024, the 220th anniversary of the establishment of the first Black Republic in the World, this blog will focus on the history, culture, news, and solutions for the current environment of the country of Haiti.  

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