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Theatre MADE 2

Reading, Writing, Speaking—Auditioning!

These are the skills we promise to teach in Theatre MADE, Season 2.

June 10/17/24 -July1, 2023 in Dayton, OH

Theatre MADE 2 is different from Theatre MADE 1:

  • We will meet on four Saturdays for two hours instead of during the week.

  • We will have a healthy snack instead of a full lunch.

  • We can only enroll 15 students. $180/Child. Explore Ohio Afterschool Enrichment grants. 

  • We guarantee when your child completes the camp—and auditions on July 8, 2023, for The Play*---he/she/they will have a role either onstage or as part of the stage/house crew.

  • T-Shirt/Costume included.


*What is The Play? It is a world premier staged reading of a drama written by Ohio Col. Charles Young about the hero of the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint Louverture.


This play has never been performed before an audience. So your child can be part of history being made.


Register Here 

Want to know more? Contact Joyce Barnes at Add Theatre MADE 2 in the Subject.

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Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution

The Haitian War for Independence was a successful rebellion by enslaved people in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) during the years 1791-1804. Considered as property and less than human, the people held in bondage fought against their oppressors and ultimately won their freedom and independence, declaring a new nation called Haiti, the first Black Republic in the world. This story has been largely erased from history in the USA. But one man set out to memorialize this World History event.  To learn more about, check out Calendar MADE: Heroes of the Haitian Revolution .

On August 2023, in Dayton, Ohio, Theatre MADE will present a worldwide debut of "Toussaint Louverture, a Negro History Drama," written in 1903-4 by Colonel Charles Young, an officer with the Buffalo Soldiers and the highest-ranking Black officer in the US Army during his lifetime.


The script is a 5-Act Shakespearean-level tragedy, practically unproducible on today's (or any era's) stages. That is why the performance in Dayton will be a staged reading, with dance and music. The goal is to get this play before the eyes of film industry decision makers so that this story of the Haitian Revolution becomes a feature-length film in English.

This story should be made into a feature length film. Do you agree? Contact us at

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